Cleared PMP on 16th August in first attempt


I cleared my PMP exam in first attempt on 16th August. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the PM Zilla group members for sharing there valuable views on this site.


For me it all started almost 2 months back when I finally decided to take the exam. Followed the below sequence for studies


  1. Quick reading of PMBOK ( almost took 8-10 days to complete and this was a real  fast reading)

  2. Detailed reading of RITA’s book & PMBOK simultaneously and took my own notes. (this took around 40 – 42 days)

  3. Took first mock test and scored – 75%

  4. Reading of Rita’s book (updated the notes if anything was missed out earlier. Followed the strategy of completing 1 Chapter per day which took 12 days to complete)

  5. Took second mock test and scored – 80%

  6. Quick reading of PMBOK(6-8 days)

  7. Took third mock test & scored – 82%

  8. For last 4 days just studied my notes, ITTO & formulas. ( Rajesh’s notes are really crisp and best for the last minute reading.)


Gave exams from following sites

  1. Exam Central

  2. PM study

  3. Head first

  4. Olivers 75 free PMP questions ( these were hard and could score only 65%)


I believe that a serious & dedicated study of 4-5 hours every day & 8-9 hours study on weekends for a 1- 1.5 month will put you in good shape to clear the exam.


Thanks once again to all the members of PM – Zilla and all the best to all the PMP aspirants.




Rohit Tawade

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 Congratulations Rohit on your PMP and thanks for the writeup here.