Approved change requests

Approved Change Requests are output of: 4.5. Perform integrated change control.

And they are inputs to 3 processes:

1- 4.3 Direct and manage project work
2- 8.3 Control Quality
3- 12.3 Control Procurements

What do we do with the changes after they are approved?!

1- We send them all to 8.3 then to 4.3 ?
2- Some of them goes to 8.3 then to 4.3 and some to 4.3 directly ?
3- How 12.3 is related ?

Please support,

I think the answer 1 should be the most appropriate.
12.3 should refer to approved CR with respect to any changes with procurement

Yes mate, I also think so,

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After the change request is approved, assume its a scope change then it will goto 4.3 - direct and manage project work

If the change is tighten the Quality control by adding more tests then it will goto 8.3

Due to a change you may need to procure a resource, say you need earth moving equipment, then it will goto 12.3

Change request can be for any one of the project's triple constraint.

Scope, schedule, Quality = this will also impact the cost either positively or negatively

Thank you very much as you make things more clear. But, isn't everything related to quality and anything we must change should pass after approval by quality to double check it, even if it is scope change ?!
Scope changes still needs to pass by quality to determine the quality measures for example,
what do you think?

Hi Sam82

you are right. quality should be built in and not measured. I hope this helps to choose the most correct answer !