Activity duration question

Need answer to the question and logic pls. I have a feeling that the exam site has wrong answer to this question. Please explain the answer


 Activity A has a FF relationship with Activity B. Activity A has a duration of 7 days. Activity B has duration of 5 Days and 3 days lag. What is the total duration of Activity A and B?















for pure FF relationship

Suppose both activities finished on 7th


for  FF +3 relationship

activity B will finish on 10th


thus total duration =

10 days


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Thanks Pawar. Do you have samples for FF and SF 

Hi Pawarji..


Related to  this, what does FF -n literally translates to, for example FF -3 in above case ?

Can such questions come in exam ?


Edit: got the explanation here





I concur with SS Pawar...the durtaion is 10 days.

FF= Task B doesn't finish until Task A is completed.(finished)  So 'A' finishes on 7th day so 'B' also should finish on 7th day. Plus the lag of 3 days would add up to 10 days.




CN Patil