Questiona that need explanation/Justification

Question 1 :

You are managing the changes made to the scope baseline. The causes of variances and the reasoning behind the corrective action chosen should be included in:

  Choice 1  Recommended corrective action 
  Choice 2  Project management plan 
  Choice 3  Scope management plan 
  Choice 4  Organizational process assets updates

Question 2:

You are monitoring and recording results of assessing performance and recommending necessary changes. What do you get from this exercise?

  Choice 1  Quality control measurements 
  Choice 2  Quality management plan 
  Choice 3  Quality metrics 
  Choice 4  Quality checklists

Should be updated in
Organizational process assets updates

Project Quality Management includes the processes and activities of the performing organization that determine quality policies, objectives, and responsibilities ,
So it should be choice 2

Anand: Thanks 4 your replies... please explain/justify your answer... will discuss it and then will give you the correct answers....



For Q-2 answer is Choice 1. Quality control measurements.  Here you are comparing the recorded measurements against the established quality metrics and applying/recommending needed corrections for the deviations.  QC measurements or for that matter any performance reports are the output of M&C process

Let us look at process of elimination approach:

You are in M&C process- not in planning process - Choice 2 ELIMINATED

Check lists is not an output of M&C process - Choice 4 Eliminated

Quality Metrics are established in Quality planning process - not in M&C process -Choice 3 eliminated


Thanks Chandra will wait for others reply and justification/explanation...



Chandra I am ok with what you have stated .
But when i see this "What do you get from this exercise? " , I would say its Choice 2 Quality management plan.

and i need to update my quality management plan with the recorded changes.

This is my assumtions looking at the scenario,may be what Chandra said may also stand true.
Badhri has to tell us the answer and only then we can discuss/close


In general, M&C and Execution go back & forth until the deliverables meet the specifications laid out in the Project Management Plan. 


For Q-1, answer is Choice 1 - Recommended Corrective action.

In our organization we call it as CAR (Corrective Action Report).  The template we use consists of 3 subtitles

Problem Statement & Expected measurements/specifications

Actual Measurements

Corrective Actions/Recommendations

Let us look at why the other choices do not make as much sense:

Project Management Plan - A generic approach and overview of how the project should be carried out, what are the guidelines to address all possible scenarios etc- Not a detail for Specific situations, approaches, solutions etc

Scope Management Plan- Details what is covered and what is not covered  for the project deliverables - Again not a location for CARs etc

OPA: A location for LLs, knowledge base, Infrastructure and resources available and acquired etc - Again not a location for specific CARs, problem solving techniques used


Lets forget about the answers just for now....

For Q1: Anand: forget about what your organizatoin is doing(PMI does not recomend this point of view, and no hard feelings when I say that) I do accept you approach but is it right or what is right is the question??

Option1: Recommened corrective action is part of the Integrated change control process, the scenario here is there is a change to the scope baseline so need to think from that angele....


Option 2: Project management plan, this can be one of the answers but need to wait for others justification/explanation


Option 3:  Scope Management plan, Again this can be one of the answers...


Option 4: Organization process asset updates, this can again be potentially an asnwer, as you are making changes to the scope baseline, you already have some records in the current projects organizationl process asset. again will wait for others


For Q2: I can go with chandra if this is going to be based on the elimanation process explaind by him, others explanation/justificatoin and/or interpretation are also welcome to get a clear picture of the questoin....



For Question # 1 :- Since change has already been made to scope base line, so you would have to update scope base line management plan( This is the subset of Project management plan ) correct answer would be Project management plan  

For question # 2:-

Quality Management Plan, Quality Matrix and Checklist are output of Plan quality process..since you are in Quality m&C process so correct answer is Quality control measurements 



Is any1 posting a responce/explanation ??? or shaill I post the answers ??Please reply...

Answer pls

In my opinion

Q1) Ans: OPA

We are in the control scope process here and OPA should be updated (An o/p of  control scope) with the causes for variance, corrective action chosen and LL


q2) Ans: QC measurements

This process refers to monitoring and control and so this seems the most logical o/p.


Q-1 I will go with option 4. The question says you are managing changes....the causes and all other details shall be included in OPA go retrive it whenever required.

Q2 I will go with option 1. The process is Perform Quality control and output is Quality control measurements.


This is the answer and justificatoin given by the website...

If some1 can explain/interpret it that would be nice...


  Correct Choice : 4
 Justification :

  Organizational process assets updates: Organizational process assets that may be updated include, but are not limited to, causes of variances, corrective action chosen and the reasons, and other types of lessons learned from project scope control


Correct Choice : 1
 Justification :

  Quality management plan is an output from Plan Quality process and quality metrics. Quality checklists are the inputs to Perform Quality Control process.