Risk Questions

1)The cause of a risk event can be referred to as a (an):
Opportunity A)ProbabilityB)ContingencyC)Hazard


2)When the project team is carrying out risk management activities, the project manager facilitates decision-making that is influenced bythe three broad categories of:
A)Certainty, risk, and uncertainty B)Probability, risk, and uncertainty C)Probability, risk event, and uncertainty D)Hazard, risk event, and uncertainty


3)The techniques and methods used to reduce or control risk are part of which of the following mechanisms:
A) Risk assessment B)Risk response planning C)Lessons learned D)Risk analysis


4)A project manager states, "I know that the risk exists and am aware of the possible consequences. I am willing to wait and see whathappens. I accept the consequences should they occur." He/she is exercising the __________ method of risk reduction.
A) Transfer  B) Avoidance C)Mitigation D) Assumption


5)Which of the following is not an approach that could be used for the identification of risks?
A)Delphi technique B)Project Plan/WBS decomposition C)Fishbone diagrams D)Quality Measurements


6)Which of the following utility functions reflect risk aversion?
A) Uniform B)Increasing rate C)Decreasing rate D)Exponential


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 These quesionnaires are not related to pmbok 4.

A quite old stuff. or may be of other exams like - RMP etc even out of PMI.

By guess



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