Question related to Close Process - PMP - Correct order of action

Which of the following is the correct order of actions that you take during the closing processes?
1) Get formal acceptance, release the team, write lessons learned, close the contract
2) Write lessons learned, release the team, get formal acceptance, close the contract
3) Get formal acceptance, write lessons learned, hand over deliverable to stakeholder(s), close the contract
4) Get formal acceptance, close the contract, write lessons learned, release the team
Please let me know the correct answer.
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Thanks for this information.

Test Site mentions the answer as 3.

Therefore, I was confused.


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This is a tricky question , so its important to understand the closing process as a whole. 

  • It seems that the question assumes that close contract is the final closure of project contract. 
  • In Option 4 we assume that close contract is part of closing a procurement contract and hence releasing team is last step. 


There is ambiguity in the question because the "Close contract" can be close procurement contract or closing the final project contract with client. Depending upon what you assume the answer can vary. 


I would go with option 4 as it seems more safe for PMP

1 is wrong as the team can not release before write lesson learned. 2 is wrong as the team can not release before formal acceptance. third is correct. 4 is wrong as write lession learned done before close the contract