question - on conduct procurement

pmstudy e4q120

i got a weird question from pmstudy

Which of the following should you(buyer) pay attention when you conduct procurement?


1 ensure that contractual obligation are met

2 apply project management


3 monitor payment to seller


4 perform regular procurement audit




ans : 4


no idea why its answer 4 as procurement audit is in close procurement




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Other 3 are to be performed by Seller. Only option 4 is for buyer.


1 ensure that contractual obligation are met -  Mainly ensured by seller. Buyer will conduct audits to ensure obligations are met and ask for reports. 

2 apply project management

PM is for seller , vendor management for buyer.

3 monitor payment to seller

Its important but more of operational activity . Option 4 is best answer.

As per page number 388 0f PMBOK 5th edition , procurment audit is a structured reveiew orginated from plan procurement management processes through conduct procurement.


Although it is done in close procurement but for a PM as buyer it starts in planning stage itself.