decentralized contracting environment

The performing organization is trying to decide whether to split the contracts department and assign procurement responsibilities to departments directly responsible for
projects. A procurement professional might not want this split to occur because they would lose _____ in a decentralized contracting environment
a) Standardized company project management practices
b) Loyalty to the project
c) Experience
d) Access to others with similar expertise

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When you decentralize you will lose access to others with similar expertise. Today they are all in same team and can share knowledge. Once they split departments they may work in silos.


Answer D
Explanation The change would not impact the organization’s overall project management practices, only procurement. Loyalty to the project would be gained, not lost, in a decentralized environment, as the procurement manager is part of the project team. In a decentralized procurement environment, there is less focus on maintaining the skill or expertise of the contracting function, and access to other procurement professionals with comparable expertise would be reduced.