Question Review of PMZilla 30 tough Questions

You will not be handling a large project with multiple departments & suppliers participating. Stakeholder management will be key for your success. You expect politics, conflicts, and personal gains coming in the way of project’s success. How do I handle the politics between all the stakeholders?


  Put a strong governance structure where all department managers report to you and ensure all contracts have penalties
  B. Try to build personal relations with each manager so you can work easily with them.
This is the ideal way. If managers of other departments can report to you functionally then you will have the authority and conflicts and politics will not be able to blossom much. Similarly penalties will ensure suppliers meet their SLAs. Understand that this is a large project, it’s not practical to build personal relations with so many stakeholders, and even then nothing prevents them from putting their personal interests in front of project objectives. You must take strong measures during project initiation to avoid such conditions.
  Start by having kickoff meeting with all stakeholders and ensure that everyone understands project objectives
  Due to politics you will never complete on time. You must add buffers to you estimate to de-risk

It is interesting that the question says "Not be handling a large project" and the solution says something else...Is my understanding wrong or the solution is not framed as per the question?

Appreciate your review, thank you.

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Read NOT as NOW. Will correct the typo

Overall it was a very good test to take...with couple of questions like the above one which caused a bit of confusion, appreciate your proof-reading once.

Thank you for compiling those questions, very good !!!