Another Question

You are running an information security management project for "SafetyFirst" bank to protect confidential information from unauthorized access. Today you learn that a task, which is on the critical path, would take Two additional resources and Six more days to complete. Which of the following is the most desirable action in this scenario?

A.) Use Resource leveling to bring project in on time

B.) Communicate project delay to all stakeholders

C.) Change project finish date and communicate to stakeholders

D.) Meet with Sponsor

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A - will increase the duration, D - Before you meet sponsor you should have some firm analysis or updates.

First thing you must do is to communicate the delay and then change the plan as required. 

C. Simply can't change the date.  Before changing the date need Compress the schedlue (Fast Trac or Crash) technics analysis and come to solution then request for Change Request.  This is not desirable answer.

Left only choice according to advoiced by admin that is B.