Another simple HR Q.

An email is forwarded to you that involve conflict b/w 2 team members. Which conflict resolution technique would you use?
a) Forcing
b) Compromising
c) Avoiding
d) Confronting
My doubt is confronting is not a technique right so the answer is B right?
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All are techniques, but you would not want to use forcing method first as it like using authority. Try to confront them first to see if the issue can be resolved, use compromising if required, or you can avoid if the matter is very trivial.

Hey .. thanks for your response.

So the answer is D... In the lastest Rita guide this technique is also called Collaborating/Problem solving right?



Yes. In the PMPrepcast, Collaborating is also called confronting. I think that in the editions before PMBOK 5, there were two seperate techniques called - Confronting and Colloborating. 

Here is the defintion i have in my notes from PMBOK 4 - 

1) Confronting or Problem Solving - Find the root cause of the issue. Solve the problem from the root cause. The conflict will go away.

2) Collaborating - Understand other people's view and take that into consideration.

But, in PMBOK 5, they combined both of these.


If the email matter is "involve conflict between two team members" then 

Confronting (Problem solving) is first right answer.  after careful review the problem with 2 team members then apply the compromising resolution.