Procurement - Conflict of Interest

 You are managing a project with over 130 procurement contracts. Because of the number of contracts, your project team includes a procurement manager and a procurement assistant. Company policy requires that certain types of procurements be advertised to potential bidders by means of newspaper advertisements. The procurement assistant typically reviews the bids received and short lists the suppliers for further review by the procurement team.

During a meeting to review and select a vendor from the short listed suppliers, you discover that one of the suppliers is a company owned by your cousin. Which of the following is the best course of action?

  1. Because the short list was prepared by the procurement assistant, not by you, you do not need disclose your relationship with the supplier, and may continue to participate in the selection process.

  2. Disclose your relationship with the provider and continue to participate in the selection process.

  3. Ask the procurement manager to lead the vendor selection process for this contract and excuse yourself from the review.

  4. Remove the supplier from the short list.

The right answer was C. But meanwhile I was thinking that there is no need to ask procurement Manager to lead because he is already the leader. The PM is just assisting with his technical or other stuff experience during procurement.

Could it be also B?

 I think it is unethical to continue participate in the selection after knowing the fact that you know there is perosnal relation in place, so it cannot be B