What is the answer? Project Charter


  1. Typically signing of project charter is the responsibility of
    1. Project Sponsor
    2. Senior Management
    3. Project Manager
    4. Project stake-holders

 (a) Project Sponsor. SPonsor is the one ultimately authorizing money and resources.


I also marked A but I guess mock exam www.preparepm.com mentioned correct answer as B

I think A is the right answer as well...sometimes these mock exams screw our knowledge....:)

a. Project Sponsor is the correct answer.  Name and Authority of the Project sponsor is an entry with in Project Charter who authorizing the project charter. 

 You are a project manager for Zippy Tees. Your selection committee has just chosen a project you recommended for implementation. Your project is to manufacture a line of miniature stuffed bears that will be attached to your company's trendy Tshirts. The bears will be wearing the same Tshirt design as the shirt to which they're attached. Your project sponsor thinks you've really impressed the big boss and wants you to skip to the manufacturing process right away. What is your response?

  1. Agree with the project sponsor because that person is your boss and has a lot of authority and power in the company.

  2. Require that a preliminary budget be established and a resource list be put together to alert other managers of the requirements of this project. This should be published and signed by the other managers who are impacted by this project.

  3. Require that a project charter be written and signed off on by all stakeholders before proceeding.

  4. Suggest that a preliminary statement of work be written to outline the objectives of the project.


The right answer in Kim`s book was C. But isnt this "signed off on by all stakeholders" confusing? 

 I think in the context of this question, answer C looks correct as there is not other option of project sponsor signing off. Also the question says that the project selection is completed, so the logical next step for PM is to get project charter written and signed off

Also stakeholder could be customer, sponsor, performing org, or the public - PMBOK glossary definations for stakeholder and sponsor talks about it