Bribe; throw the standards and interpret

 You are an expatriate working in a foreign country and have been asked to offer a cash payment gift to the procurement manager at a company you are bidding on work for. How BEST should you interpret this request?

  1. Agree to provide the cash payment because the procurement manager controls whether your bid is accepted.

  2. Inform the procurement manager that offering such a payment would violate your professional standards.

  3. Base your interpretation of the request on an understanding of the norms of the country you are in.

  4. Express your anger at the request and inform the procurement manager that this would never happen in your home country.


C - It is important to understand the local customs and standards in the area where your project is taking place. This knowledge will ensure your decisions are considered ethical. Project managers have a responsibility to not accept or offer inappropriate payments. In some cultures it would be considered inappropriate to offer a cash payment to a company accepting bids, however, in the scenario presented it may be a lawful and accepted practice of the foreign country you are working in. In such a scenario, offering cash payment would not be an inappropriate payment. [Prof. Responsibility]


If the exam would have 200 questions like this bribe-oriented/double standard/no-value-tricky question, I bet everybody would fail.

I I would fail 100 times in the exam because of this question, I would choose again B.

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 Such questions are rare , so dont worry too much on prof. responsibility topic. Do what is ethical , legal and seems right. rest leave to luck.