activity to be shortened

based on the details below,  if you needed to shorten the duration of the project, which activity would you try to shorten?


Activity                            Preceding Activity                             Duration

Start                                   None                                                        0

A                                         Start                                                          1

B                                        Start                                                           2

C                                        Start                                                           6

D                                         A                                                                10

E                                         B, C                                                           1

F                                           C                                                              2

G                                          D                                                              3

H                                          E                                                               9 

I                                            F                                                               1

End                                     G,H,I                                                          0


A)Activity B

B)Activity C

C)Activity H

D)Activity D

 Actvity C

From the diagram, there are 4 paths,

Start -> C -> F -> I -> End = 6+2+1 = 9days

Start -> C -> E -> H -> End = 6+1+9 = 16days

Start ->B-> E -> H -> End = 2+1+9 = 12days

Start -> A -> D -> G -> End = 1+10+3 = 14days


Since C, E, H are on critical path, we can shorten the duration of C or H. When duration oh H is 9 days and duration of C is 6 days, why can't we select activity H

Can you please explain?

I forgot to mention your choice of activity C is correct


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H  because it doesn't have impact on any other path. C would have impact on path BEH as it comes closer to crtical path CEH.

And ADG also near to to crtical path CEH. Then it would be more diffcult to manage the activities with so closer to critical path. I would think it has more risk.


CN Patil