approximation of resource costs

You are in the process of developing an approximation of the costs of the resources needed to complete each schedule activity. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding this process?

A)Activity resource estimation involves determining the quantity and type of resources required (staff, equipment, material, etc) and is loosely coordinated with the cost estimating

B)Schedule activity duration estimates may affect cost estimates that have time-sensitive costs

C)The staffing management plan is an input to this process and describes the type and quantity of resources required to complete project work

D)Activity duration estimating will affect cost estimates when the project budget includes an allowance for cost financing






This could be C.


 D May be

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I think C: as per the question "Estimate costs" is taking place, while the staffing management plan has to do with human resource management.


 Actually I have chosen D, where as the answer is given as C. Can you please explain the reasoning?