Who ultimately controls changes to scope on a project

Who ultimately controls changes to scope on a project?

a. The project manager

b. Senior management
c. The change control board
d. The customer

Please explain with reason. Will post the answer after some discussion.


Most appropriate answer is Change control board.It is responsible for approving and/or rejecting changes.

In some projects Project manager is given authority to approve or reject certain type of changes.

If project is awarded to outside organization on contract basis then customer has final authority.

Normally, CCB consists of key stakeholders(like rep from senior Mgmt,Customer etc).







Project Manager is responsible for everything that happenes in the project. CCB certainly helps project manager to take decision but "ultimate" responsibility lays with Project manager.

PMP Champions......please give your views

The only part of the entire project that is controlled by the customer is Scope.

IMHO the answer in this case is D 

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