determine priorities

Whose job is it to determine the priorities among projects in a company?

A)Project Manager


C)Senior Management

D)Project Team

I have answered as B whereas the answer is given as C. Can someone explain

 Senior management is right as they come up with company initiatives and objectives and so they have the right to determine priority--- please note question is asking who determines priority??

 Here A,B & D are  single project related. Where as C deals with multiple projects and are right people to choose between projects.

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Clearly C, as other 3 - A/B/D are specfific to a single project and do not span across multiple projects/initiatives

 I disqualify this qsn

Among projects, priorities can be decided /determined by program manager as per pmbok.

Senior management means - authorities in between sponsor to PM

Obviously senior management is the right answer and you can check on rating as well. Because they will decide who will do what and when. So the complete planning is shared by the senior management. The lower team follow all the planning and make some strategies to follow the plan.