All technical work is completed

All technical work is completed on the project. Which of the following remains to be done?

A: Verify scope

B: Plan Risk Response

C: Create a staffing management plan

D: Complete lessons learned

What does "all technical work" refers to?

Source: Rita 6th edt

Now A and D both can be correct answers, but i would go with A - Verify Scope as that will the immediate task after the completion of Work. aka. Technical work.

What is the correct answer as per Rita ?




All technical work can mean validated deliverable which will be input to Verify validate against scope.



 This is also a disputed question wrt PMBOK4.

as per clause, technical work is part of scope , and not as complete as scope.

PMBOK does not use term technical work , the identical term in PMBOK is technical performance.

better definition is on and alo in glossary.

verify scope is fomalizing acceptance ------5.4. 

option A is I think more correct.


in PMBOK 5 - process VERIFY SCOPE is now replaced by VALIDATE SCOPE


Correct response as agreed (and as provided by Rita) is A: Verify Scope.

The work has been completed; We need customer validating the deliverables(Verify Scope process)  before documenting "lessons learned"