Yet another "I have Cleared PMP" Thread....-what is in it for you?

 Hi all,

During my PMP preperation, when clearing PMP was a nightmare, I used to look for the lessons learned which can really help me..

Most of the posts were sort of ,

- cleared PMP, Thanks,and what book I have read etc.. 

and it was not very usefull for me ..I did get some useful information (rajesh Nair notes etc..)..but there were not many ..

So I have decided to psot a detailed LL - when I clear PMP , - which would be really useful for the PMP aspirants.. 

I am  greatfull to those who have taken time and showed us the way, so that we can travel without the struggle which they had, Thanks for all such great minds who care to share..

Here is the link, where you can find all the required info, formulas, brain dumps, usefull links and real strategies for clearing PMP..

All the best and Many thanks for PMZilla



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Excellent Raga, Very detailed post on your blog. Like the way you have pictorially represented and your 355 points.

Congratulations on your PMP

Thanks for your link...  Good resource for me...

Link is fantastic, Great job Raga and Congratulations