Worried about the exam

With Limited Time Remaining, i am very much worried about the exam.

I have done Master's Degree and some certifications, but PMP is the most difficult i have seen so far.

I dont know how the actual exam is going to be but from reading others' experiences and measuring difficulty level with mock tests, it sounds very difficult

At the same time, there is a difference when you do exam at home and when you are giving real exam. Since stakes are high in real exam, one can end up choosing incorrect answer out of confusion and stress and at the same time it will take more time

No matter how many practice tests i am doing, my scores are not improving.

In fact after lot of study, i have now realized that i am answering questions wrong which i was previously answering right.

I am extremely worried about this exam.

My point is if one understand the material, understand the processes, why do they have to confuse and give us only those 4 hours and give us confusing choices and judge us based on that.

I have done a lot of study and i feel that i should be awarded PMP based on the understanding i have of the material, dedication i have given and time i have spent as well.

Just because choices are confusing and two or three choices are similar and sometimes almost same, does not mean i have to suffer.


I also posted before couple of days about another concern of 'anything could come from PMBok'

This also worries me a lot, as one cannot remember everything, infact how much % of PMBok can one realistically remember..

Mr. Patel and other gentleman – Because of some personnel reasons I am not getting time to post here, but your concerns has been debated world wide and even 2-3 expert gentleman have debated this topic recently.

Understand this, the world is ruled by the survival of the fittest theory i.e. the one who survives lives and the one who cannot dies. There are far tougher exam than PMP in this globe and every exam has almost same pattern to select candidates. If some experts say that exam is not the way to judge talent, the bigger question is “Then what is a better way?”. No one has this answer and that’s the main issue.

Some 30-40 years before, if you pass the high school exam, you could get admission in engineering and medical colleges. What about now? Get good high result, pre-test, entrance test, GD etc etc. Why?

Simple answer – “Survival of the fittest theory”.

Today with increasing population of human, the middle class and educated class is increasing with the same high rate. You have thousands of educated people available today for an opportunity with almost same profile. This is the real issue i.e. supply is more than quality demand and hence there are no option left except to filter people based on something different. When I have one job opening and I get thousand of profile, all with similar background, what do I do then? I have no choice except to choose people beyond what I need. I have said many times in this forum and I say again, you pass PMP exam because:
1. You have some PM knowledge
2. You have some PM experience
3. Your day is good
4. You did not had headache in the long exam of 4 hours
5. Your common sense worked during actual exam
6. You were able to survive from fear
7. Your family did not fight with you starting early morning before getting tea
In reality PMP should be just graded to people with (1) and (2) because that’s what you need to apply in real life as a Project Manager. But the problem is, half of the globe population has that knowledge, but, I just need few of them. So what do I do? I conduct exam like PMP that will only give me people who can pass (3) to (7). In short I selected people who were “lucky”. Every exam is conducted with this motive and hence, exam is a proven way to choose best from the available talent pool.

Today, this global world wants “SMART” people and not educated people.

Saket, PMP

This is exactly what i am worried about Saket Sir..


If a person from PMI meets me today and asks me about my knowledge and asks me questions randomly about best practices of Project Management and contents of PMBok, i am confident i will do great.


But because exam has confusing questions and many other factors, i am very much worried about it.

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Just start practicing mock tests and read PMP material, everything will be fine in few weeks.

Practice only good quality questions.  You may find many mock questions created unnecessarily confusing without any logic.  Just go for good quality well known mock exams and coach your mind taking this type of exam.  The questions for actual exam are reviewed at many levels, refined and then finally selected.  These would not be illogically confusing and not be matching other mock exams.  Though the actual exam may be tough, it would be easier to answer if you have good knowledge, experience and can concentrate well during 4 hours of the exam.  If you apply your brain well, you can easily identify the right choice.  You can find my LL here http://www.pmzilla.com/joined-pmp-club-today and many others on this site well contributed by members.

To achieve PMP, you have to pass the exam and no other choice.  You can not change the PMP exam the way you want and have to be prepared according to PMI's expectations.  So forget about everything else and just concentrate on your preparations.  Prepare well and try your best.


Dear Patel,

What is Project Management? It's application of knowledge, tool and technique at various levels during the course of project management as a Project Manager. Even if you memorize entire PMBOK but could not apply this knowlege and know how on various real time situation then what is the use of that knowledge. Memorization and presentation is worth in descriptive type of exams.

According to PMI, The Project Management Professional is one who can apply his knowledge on various real time scenarios and show his qualities as a PM. And that is what exactly the PMI is verifying one’s quality as a PM by PMP.



 it will be better if you tell us

when is your exam?

what is scores in mock tests?

what those are 

how much those are


i saw your few recent post/reply. you per^nce is not bad.


what is your weak areas ? tell us.

with the span of time it can be resolved.