With less than a week from now. I am confused on my own status

50 out of tried 175 Questions from Oliver Lehman - Just scored 33. Decided will not continue more.

pmsure out of 100 I scored only 60.

pmstudy yet to try.

I bought the pmperfct based on some review. Thats a total waste where most of the questions are with Professional Responsibility which will be a very few in the exam.

I read PMBOK well and Rita and able to answer the formula questions well. However when it is coming to situational questions I am always selecting wrong answers inspight of thinking and applying the PMI'sm for all questions. I could see people score more than 75% in mock test who had cleared the PMP eventually. Atleast that gives a headsup on my results.

Just because of this, my confidence is shattered and I dont know what I could do at this moment. Please give some tricks on questions which has multiple correct like answers and applying pmi'sm to it.



 there is no hurry

take time

build confidence

take some mocks

I am also very much worried

I am not scoring well in mock exams, mostly with situational questions.

I know everyone is saying PMBok is must, and i have read it. But to be realistic, reading is one thing and memorizing is another thing. I dont know about other folks, but i do believe i have good memory, but that does not mean that i can remember all the dialogues of a film and results of each and every ball of an inning in a cricket match. Same way i cannot remember everything from PMBok. People keep on suggesting it is great resource, which i agree, but how to pass the exam as certainly by simply reading one is not going to remember lots of things.

People are saying questions are hidden in lines in PMBok. Even if we read PMBok and give exam right after that, it is not possible for us to recall entire material.

At the same time, questions are also confusing and not straightforward

I have very little time left before exam and am worried due to all this.


Please don't be worried this much. It will hamper your preparation and wil do more harm than good. Believe me, PMP is not a difficult exam. It's just a bit tricky which will make us feel tough.  Even though you feel that you are unable to remember stuffs from PMBOK, reading again and again will boost your knowledge on the concepts. 

There is no need to remember line by line, but make sure you grab the concepts. Nobody is 100% and I feel you are much prepared than I was before the exam. Don't take the scores in mock tests seriously, but do make sure you learn about all the wrong answers. Treat this as an excellent opportunity to find all the gaps before it finds you in the real exam.

Please for your sake, remove the negative thoughts, relax yourself and be confident enough. Being brave to face the exam will surely fetch you 10% extra correct answers. This is not the end of the world. We all have full faith in you people. Just go there and crack it. All the very best!!!