Work package is completed what is next

1. Quality should be checked - Quality Control

2. Verify Scope


 Quality control. First Quality control and then verify Scope.

Or else Perform QC and Verify Scope can also be done concurrently especially if time is a constraint. They are the only two processes where inspection as a T&T is common. Thanks, KK....


According to Rita Quality Control is done before the workpackage is completed.

So the next should be Verify Scope is the right answer

"Work package is complete" could sometime also mean both QC and VS are done and the next step could be close phase if the work package under consideration is one of the interim deliverable and all other work packages for the phase are also 'completed'.

Thanks Sunvar for reminding me of my growing up days


During our high school or college days whenever we had a discussion on any topic of national or international repute and if someone would say, "My Father said this". That was the end of the discussion because all of us had one uniform opinion/consent that Parents are ALWAYS right. However, I could never do this because I had lost my father during my college days.


I am saying THANKS to you Sunvar because you bring the great lady, Late Rita M in between and who am I to defy the legend. However, there are many things where thinking out of the box is required in PMP and this particular question does fall under that category. Rita would not mention these. However, her PMFasttrack questions just might. Just might and am not sure Sunvar.


In my first attempt, I had only read Rita for 15 days and went and sat for the exam with confidence looming large and I got MP in Initiation, P in Ethics and BP in rest. That is when I realised the importance of PMBOK and thinking out of the box.


Warmly, KK....

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