WoooHoooo.. Passed PMP - 6 Dec

With God's grace and support from my family members and help of all the contributors of PMZilla I have successfully attained PMP yesterday with below scores -

Initiating - P
Planning - P
Executing - P
M&C - P
Closing - MP

My preparation time was 5 months with few breaks in between. I referred -

PMBOK - 5 round
Rita - 3 round
Head first - 1 round
PMzilla (real motivator) - frequently for updated blogs and lessons learnt.

My maths was a weak area during mock exams but I think I made it during exam.

Exam was tricky. Mock exams I attempted were -

Rita Fast track - 74% above
Rita FT Knowledgeareas - 75% avg
PMStudy - 78%
PMforsure - 72%
Oliver175 - 74%

Last day I skimmed through PMBOK and Rita, revised ITTO and practised braindump.

Exam day -
Scheduled at 8 am in morning. Sitting 5 hrs in totality was a tough job. With backache during exam, it was tired physically after 70 questions but not mentally. I continued & took break of 5 mins after 100 ques with 2.5 hrs left. Had pain killer (was tough convincing prometric to use locker for medicine) and continued . 2nd break after 200Q of 3 mins. Then reviewed approx 30 marked questions. It was really useful and corrected few answers.

Left with 4-5 ques to review and timed out. Oh man. My heart beat stopped. It was really shocking to see the blank white screen. Didn't know what to do. This is the first time I realized that my effort and money is at stake. And finally I got the Congratulations screen.. Wow .. What a felling..I can't believe..neither my family :)

All the very best for future PMP's.

Rohit Khurana, PMP

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And your post will act as motivation for others. Thanks for sharing and congratulations

Congratulations to you on your PMP!  Could you comment as to which mock exam helped you as I am close to my exam and I was leaning towards PMStudy. 


You are going in right direction. PMStudy and PMPforsure are good for complete exam... But if you want to see and learn on your gaps go for Cristopher Scordo (PMI site).. ....Concentrate only on PMBOK

All the very best for your exam!!



I went thru the Scordo book when I took my class.  I am only using the PMBOK at this point too (thanks to many comments from this forum).  I only have one week left..so I am hoping for a positive outcome.  I also bought Transcender exams (which are very good) and I will complete the PMStudy exams and take the pmpforsure free one.  

Thanks and congrats again! 

Its a great news!!! and a well deserved  so, many congrats!  I have similar concerns with back pain!

I just had spine surgery in September ...and I am prepping to take the exam first week of January. I am not able to sit for strainght 4 hours at this time ...I hope I can do it!

So far, here's my prep status -

Rita's fast track - avg 78% in all knowledge areas

Techfaq360 - 83%

Oliver's 75 - 82%

Oliver's 175 - 75%

Headfirst - 78%

Just trying to tie up [many] loose ends that I realise I have plus the corrections of my wrongs....

Let me know what you guys think!

Your scores look pretty good, I feel you would eaisly make it.

Go for 2-3 another mock exams of PMStudy, PMforsure and Scordo..



I took PMI free today and scored around 79.5 and I scored about the same in PMP for sure. I am planning to buy couple of PMI exams and practise. Meanwhile re -do PMBOK one more time at a high level.

My exam date is Jan 8, 2013

That was a fantastic score. Congrats!!