Wooohhoooo... Passed PMP Exam on 1/24/12, 1st time

 Guys... like most of the visitors... I too was a silent lurker on PMzilla. I wouldn't have posted this LL, if I hadn't gained much needed support, guidance throughout my preparation, with exam experiences and LL's. I definitely have to admit that I DID got benefited by reading them during my preparation; and, today I feel responsible to contribute my experience to this Lessons Learnt forum – hopefully someone will get inspired/ get some inspirational tips. I passed the PMP exam yesterday (1/24) and here are my proficiency levels:


Initiation - Proficient
Planning - Proficient
Executing - Proficient
Monitoring & Control - Proficient
Closing - Moderately Proficient


1.       I started out with Rita's 6th version first and barely could read it through (it took 20 days for me); then, started out PMBOK (it took around 16 days for me to get this through), same with this one too; So, first pass, was not really that productive; other than, getting to know the terms, knowledge areas and process groups etc.,

2.       2nd pass on Rita, gave pretty good understanding. It took 12 days for me, cover to cover.

3.       Took Oliver Lehmann’s 175 questions – blessing in disguise – scored just 61% - I was expecting around 70+ - I understood, it is time to knuckle down and straighten things out…

4.       3rd and 4th passes of Rita, with PMBOK’s 2nd pass in between - gave me pretty good understanding of the concepts. But again - every pass looked like a fresh one to me, maybe I wasn't good at remembering stuff. Only thing that kept getting better was, the amount time that I was consuming to complete a pass.

5.       But again, I never remembered anything – finally when I took Certchamp’s test – scored around 85%; to be confident, took Techfaq360 – 84%, PMStudy – 73.7% and finally, Headfirst – 86% - after all these tests, I never remembered anything – but, was able to answer the questions… comfortably..

6.       Final three days – Weekend followed by Monday, I finished PMBOK and Rita’s final full cover-to-cover passes… Monday, late evening I saw a post from “tejaswiniv” about her experience – she scored pretty similar to mine in the practice exams, boosted my confidence a bit. Thanks “tejaswiniv”… !! Also, thanks to Rajesh Nair’s notes and Chowdhury’ s notes… they worked as quick references to me, just name the topic – good probability that you might find in the compressed “PMBOK & Rita”… big applause to you guys – great job & great effort…

7.       Day of exam – just crammed some of ITTO into my brain and took the test.

8.       I didn’t feel that Exam was that tough – but, definitely wordy though – you miss to read a single sentence, you might the answer wrong; but for most of the questions, I was able to eliminate 2 choices, right off the bat.. just had to figure out which one of the two remaining choices is the right one for that scenario.. J

9.       Also, I never felt I ever got some Professional & Social Responsibility questions – may be, I didn’t pay attention..

10.   Also, if possible – I would suggest going through YouTube videos from PMChamp and Praizan (I might have spelled his name wrong) – they were helpful to me at least.. why take a chance, you might want to spend just half hour with these – may be, they might give some tips to you too..

11.   There were at least 5-8 critical path questions – tough ones, with multiple branch in and outs… they killed my time in every hour

12.   Kept my momentum 50 questions/ hr for first 100 and next 100, finished them in 92 minutes – leaving 28 minutes for review, I had almost 60 questions marked for review – could got through only 20-25 of them, corrected only 3.. otherwise they were good enough as per my belief..

13.   I was working on a critical path question, timed out – I just panicked because I had at least 30 more of them to review.. but, I couldn’t help…

14.   Quickly finished the “optional” survey, clicked “END” button, as everyone said – screen flashed a bit, displayed “CONGRATULATIONS”… thank god.. and to my family… chakkoo and chinncheets… J

 Good Information.