Why schedule baseline is not inputs of "Identify Risk" process?

I check through the inputs of "Identify risk", there's "cost baseline", "activity duration estimates" but does not have "schedule baseline".

In my opinion, I schedule baseline, besides the duration of activity, show the dependencies between tasks. if a tasks having many dependencies it can be a risk to the project..

Anyone can advise? thanks

 This is because, PMI is crazy. I don't have answers to many such inputs. And any answer will not be satisfactory.

In my opinion:


EEF and OPA should be input to all, mention it explicitly or don’t mention  at all


Expert  judgment should be a tool in almost all process groups. I should be able to ask anyone if I have a doubt in any process. Taking an expert view is always good


Similarly templates should be a tool in many process areas, we have templates for Requirement spec, Project Plan.. etc


All process areas should be input to Risk, why PMI thinks there are no risks in Communication, Procurement ? why these are not inputs? Is there no risks related to communications? What if an important stake holder in china doesn’t know English?

-       Why scope baseline is not a input in verify scope/control scope. Why it is not mentioned explicitly, Where as it is mentioned explicitly in Plan quality, Identify risk etc. On what basis PMI mentions sometimes explicitly and sometimes says its included in PM Plan


Why milestone list is not an input in develop schedule? Come on, milestones are so important for scheduling. If milestones are not, then why activity list is an input? Activity list is already there in network diagram, isn’t it?

The list goes on… that’s why I stopped memorizing ITTOs and logics partially work.



I could not agree more with you!

I have many same queries like your list during study PMBOK.

Thanks for your answer, at least, I don't feel that I'm the only one.

1. pg 37 : EEF &OPA are input to all even if not mentioned
2. Expert Judgement: Even though Expert Judgement is desired, there may be more scientific approached to get/genrate more controlled output. we donot get the luxury of having experts everywhere, unless it is a completely new domain/technology, in general, the work is planned/executed by the team only.
3. Templates is something specific to an organization, they may or may not use it. The are part of OPA, refer pg 32
4. I agree that explicitely communications plan is not mentioned as input, but project plan as well as project documents are inputs. I too wonder why some items are mentioned some are not explicitly though.
5. Project Mgmt Plan is input to Verfiy/Control Scope. In additions the requirements are also the input which represents scope.
6. Regarding milestone as not input to dev schedule, in gerenal milestons are logical ends and hence milestone dates are decided after devloping the schedule, however while devloping schedule, we pick activities only based on if they belong to particular set of milestones in question or not, so that way you are right that it should be Input to Dev schedule

Here we are talking about what PMI proposes, not what you and me are thinking of. We are not talking about if Expert Judgement is available or not. We are talking where PMI suggests to use expert judgement as a tool. Same for templates.

All we are talking is why PMI not menioning this explicitly as TT in many places (irrespective of organization use it or not...)

I already mentioned, none apart from PMI can give a satishfactory answers to my questions above.

Ash.. I would say, you need to get your basics clear regarding milestones. They are output of define activity, not develop schedule. Also important milestones can be defined in charter, which becomes are schedule contraint.


Bish, PMP