Why the PMP is irrelevant and a commodity

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It is probably heretical to blast the PMP on a site that discusses how to pass this useless exam, but I think you all need to see the reality of this commodity certificate: https://goo.gl/iYJUBC

The PMBOK Guide is as the title indicates, is nothing but a guide to the "set of concepts, terms and activities that make up a professional domain, as defined by the relevant learned society or professional association". The domain in question is project management and the professional associate is PMI, and the text is only a guide to the vast BOK known as project management.
Therefore, a person with a PMP certificate is acknowledged to be someone who passed an exam by the organization, namely PMI, that created and sanctions the exam to acknowledge that they have a modicum of knowledge as outlined in the PM-BOK Guide and some other general business knowledge areas (keep in mind that the PMP test is not exclusively focused on the PMBOK Guide, but other general business topics as well).
Whether a person who takes the PMP believes in it or not is irrelevant, since by virtue of taking the exam, it is implied that they believe in the veracity of the results as to their PM knowledge level acknowledged by PMI.
The application of the PMBOK Guide is irrelevant to the exam and has everything to do with the PMP certificate holder's intelligence, diligence, determination, grit as well as work experience, tacit knowledge, humanism, emotional intelligence and most importantly, a constant willingness to think, learn and grow.
There's no way in hell any training provider can provide this, but rather to facilitate, engender and engage the participants to conceptualize and internalize this through a deep and reflective educational process. Therein lies the true path to mastery.