Why many have MPs in Closure?

I would like to know from those who got Proficient and those who got Only MP in Closing process group.

What is the gap we have with closing process group? Is that the additional materials which helped getting P in Closure or is there an understanding gap on closing process group?

Are questions in mock exams not enough to find gaps for closing process group?


Probably because we take it for granted that these are just two processes so how hard can it be!?

Plus they are at the very end and by the time you reach there you are already exhausted so you give less time to it.
Because your enthusiasm is the highest at start when you open that new shiny PMBOK so you read Initiation process very diligently. But when you reach "Closing" you think....fuck it I am just going to skim over it, looks so easy plus I have already read so much.