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Post mortem earned value analysis of a project showed the following data: SPI: 0.78 CPI: 1.00 What is this telling you?

The correct answer (as per the book) is
o The project has been terminated before completion. At that time it was behind schedule and on budget

How do we know if the project was terminated and not completed??


Post mortem ALWAYS means the project is terminated. ->>>> That Simple

This is typical PMP type question.

Thanks Man. I somehow missed this concept and I saw this question coming up few times at different places.

Thanks PMP_MAN. No doubt, its so simple, but many, like me, would have never thought of this. Thank You so much for clarifying. I would always wonder how does one derive that the project was terminated early. Now, I know that since the question mentioned post-mortem, so here we are. Thanks much, KK....

This is the exact analysis and complete explanation :

postmortem means "after death" which in the project imply "termination". Showing the SPI = 0.78 which is <1 (meaning behind schedule) and the CPI = 1 (meaning on budget).

Thus, the correct answer is - the project has been terminated before completion at the time it was behind schedule (SPI<1) and on budget (CPI=1).

Vikas, you have to consider well and detailed explanations to questions if you are looking for a good PMP exam sample questions.