Who should have access to Stakeholder Management Strategy?

Since the Stakeholder Management Strategy document may contain description of stakeholders and our approach to manage them, should this document be available to ALL stakeholders? Should we limit the access to the PM team?

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Stakeholder Management Plan is a sensitive document 


PMBOK 5 : Page 404 

"Project managers should be aware of the sensitive nature of the stakeholder management plan and take appropriate precautions. For example, information on stakeholders who are resistant to the project can be potentially damaging, and due consideration should be given regarding the distribution of such information.."

Thank you sir for pointing that out. I will definitely look it up in the PMBOK.

It is a sensitive document, so who among the stakeholders should have access to it? Should the access be limited to the PM only?

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 You as a PM decide...definately in complex project we need few people accessing and using this document but on PM discretion.