Who failed twice

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Hi everyone,

I took PMP in March as the first time and failed the examen with BP in all process groups.

Then, I joined pmstudy.com and thought i would pass the exam. So, after 3 weeks of rigorous studies, in my simulated exams I got 71% and thought I'd pass but I failed again in July with 4 BP and 1 MP in Closing.

I was in shock as I found the exam pretty easy. Rita has more difficult questions.

I did the lesson learnt and found that over read without understanding the context.

It has passed a month since the last examen and i am studying ITTO to get understood the overall picture of the PMBOK.

During my training a colleague suggested this group but it was until now that I decide to register and I hope to get help and pass the PMP.

Thanks to all,

Dont be dishearten ,your very near to achieve the PMP tag. As said in many of the LL passing PMP needs clear understanding of the concepts (i.e) process and how the process are interrelated makes the passing of exams easier.

So start preparing and you will surely achieve it with flying colors :) All the best

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Thank you,