who does what question

Dear forum,

I am glad to have found this wonderful forum on project management.

I need your help in understanding some of the following terms:

1. How to differentiate who is the project Initiator, Sponsor and customer or users?

2. Who provides the official acceptance of the Deliverables? Sponsor or customer? My understanding is the sponsor who is advised by the pm. But then should it not be the customer who accepts? Or is it the customer accepts the Product and not the deliverables?

3. Does/Can the CCB include customer / user representative? Should the CCB include the sponsor and pm?

thanks for reading.

1) Users have nothing to with project.  They are after all, end users of the product or service or result created by the project.  So one out of 3 in your list can be easily eliminated.  Now 2 are left: Sponsor , customer.  In fact you left one more: PM.  Yes Project can be initiated by a customer based on his need when he wants to sub contract/outsource part or complete project.  Sponsor too can initiate a project if he/she  felt the need for such endeavor dictated by market conditions or opportunities or internal improvement needs or internal deficiencies.  PM or any employee too can initiate a project and bring it up to the notice of senior management or sponsor with the proposal, scope and benefits and if he/she is able to sell it to the management, he/she can receive the blessings and funds to go ahead/ they take those ideas and formally initiate the project and assign a PM whom they feel competent to lead the project.

2) Customer accepts/rejects the deliverables.  If you as a PM sub contracts part of the project, you are the buyer and accept/reject the deliverables from the vendor for that segment of contract and you add that with the remaining deliverables you produced and approach the customer who awarded you contract for acceptance.  Sponsor is generally not involved for acceptance once he/she initiates project charter authorizing the project.

3) CCB is mostly an internal board and will not include customer/user rep.  CCB is constituted to control scope and provide oversight so all the processes can be tied together.  CCB will definitely include PM as he/she is the central figure and a key stake holder of the project. Customer's input is ofcourse taken into account and is reflected in the Change Request.  Also Change requests can be generated internally either to improve/correct to bring the project future success in line with project objectives.  Customer does not have to know what you do and how you as long as your deliverables meet the requirements.  Also you don't have to and will not disclose all your proprietary informationof how you achieved and delivered the goods and services



To me, there are grey areas that needs to be cleared. Thank you for the clarification. - Phillip Elden