Who comes up with such definitions?

Saw this question in Oliver Lehmann 75 questions.

What is a constructive change?

1. A change request that helps improving the project and its product, service or result and is discussed generally in a friendly style.

2. A direction by the buyer or an action taken by the seller that the other party considers an undocumented change to the contract.

3. A field change or ad-hoc change mandated by the project customer in a public construction project.

4. A change request which will lead to the re-construction of an older version of the project performance baseline by the contractor. 

Correct answer is 2 while I chose 1.

Now my question is who comes up with such definitions? I mean "constructive" is a positive word and it is normally used in positive sense like constructive criticism, constructive conflict e.t.c

Who would have thought that it can also be used in negative sense!? Isn't it stupid!? Or this is how English language is and PMI creates definitions on whims?

YAA One way it is true but, other meaning is like that:

During construction, changes happened which are not identified and verified by any one of the involved parties.

called consructive changes.


Hi aliweb,

Constructive changes or Contested changes are not essentially negative. We probably need to understand why it is called so. PMI does not create definitions on whims, especially on the Contractual terminologies as they are widely used even in government contracts.

First lets understand Directive change. A directive change is one which a buyer formally requests a seller to do a change. Constructive changes are due to certain circumstances seller encounters while doing the directive change. Normally the price for such constructive changes are settlted between the buyers and sellers through negotiation process, since these changes are not formally documented through a change control process. They are circumstantial. However if negotiations fail, then it becomes Disputes/ Claims/Appeals.

So in the question above, the option2 essentially says it was undocumented and hence it was not a Directive change.

Hope this helps.


Anand KL

I agree both of you. But I have a problem with these terms that doesn't convey their meaning or convey totally opposite meaning. Yes this term may not be PMI term and may be in use before it but still a term should try to convey its meaning rather than going totally opposite.

Hi Friends,

I wanted to know that is there any difference in Constructive Change and contested Change?

Hi Gurus: Please provide your expert advice.

I came up with this definition, please see the link:

Constructive change is not part of the Change Management Process. In govt. contracts the there is a change cluase. After the contractor completes the work as per the contract, the govt may reject the project. Then, the contractor will be able to recover his dues as per the theory of constructive change.