Who approves the Project Management Plan?

Dear Forum. This is my first post. I cannot find a reference in PMBOK5 to the approval process for the Project Management Plan. Who actually approves this plan? PM? Sponsor? Functional Manager? Thanks. M-P.

If the answer provides Stakeholders, i prefer stakeholders.

But Not PM. PM plan actually needs to be verified by the Functional Manager for making resource available & Project team to make aware of their activities, their calenders matching with Project schedule.etc.,

In functional organization, PM is project co-ordinator and reports to functional manager. Stake holders participate in preparation project management plan. It is FM who approves PM plan.

I would say in this order.


1) Functional Manager

2) Stakeholders - Have major input in the decision of what goes in the project management plan but doesnt approve the plan. 


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Hi Admin,


My answer is the SPONSOR approves the pm plan.....is my understanding right>....or any gaps?