Who approve PM plan

Hi ,

Suppose, You are working for client X. You have wriitten PM plan . who approves PM plan?

1) Sponsor 

2) Senior project Manager from Performing org

3) Customer


My comments:-  In my organisation, I work for service company and when I write PM plan my senior or delivery manager used to approve.

As per the PMBOK, sponsor approves?

Can somebody comments on This?





 where did you find that PMBOK says sponsor approves. - it is wrong

Making PMPLAN is primarily the responsibility of PM.

its approval -- is not a single point or single time or single man activity.

It is elaborative and iterative and happens at different level of authorities as per neeed.

ccb is also a approval body for change plans.

 Hi Vivek,

when we work as services then most of time we sell services I.e as sellers. And in this case we get contract or sow from client. When a pm put a project plan in this arrangement ..it get to pmo or senior managers or delivery manager for approval so that he/she feel comfortable with it. And surly when pm develops pm plan he get buying from all the team members(here I mean the one who executes the work).

now when we work on project as pm role for business(as buyers Pm) , in this case we get chater and then finally when plan is build we get buying and commitment from all the ppl who will be working on it( this includes business,sme,IT,qa and audit team,legel etc etc). And then it goes to sponsor for approval.

now pmbok... It only talks about RAM matrix and for each doc/artifact it dont tell who is gona approve it. So based on real life I will put my answer as sponsor. Also note , sponsor is one who pays for project it may be customer or pmo ..but technically if they finance the project their hat will just turn as sponsor.

Thanks for detail explanation