Which websites can I be able to download Free PMP books and mock exams?

I am both excited and tensed for my upcoming PMP exam, if you may, please recommend the most credible websites
where I can download free PMP resources



Hi Luci, you will do just fine

PmChamp has downloadable Free Mock PMP certification exam questions (and books)
Here http://www.pmchamp.com/best-resources-for-pmp-exam-free-paid/

its my all time favorite resource when it comes to PMP tips and tricks
All the best

Thanks, i was also not aware...

hv 5 yrs of mgmt exp, and hence finding pmbok boring...done with Rita's 6th edition..and did quite well in that book questions, most of the concepts are known and practiced practically too so what is the suggestion, how to go about the exam, have planned for 20th dec, planning to read pmbok4, some sample exams and then give it..problem is sitting for 4 hrs...concentration is becoming an issue..


I also got Updated Free Mock Exams from PMChamp

it's all here http://www.pmchamp.com/pmp-tips-newsletter/

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Luci - I suggest you get ahold of Rita's 6th Ed and the PMBOK and stick to just those two books as your core material. I personally don't have much faith in some of the other books I have seen. In regards to mock exams, you can try some of the following;

4.       http://www.mypmp.ie/




 I would recommend www.skillsign.com

It has both full 200Q test as well as test plan divided into knowledge areas.