Which is the sources of conflict with the least intensity

I have always known that the sources of the conflict are in this order from various books & notes:


2 Priority

3 Resource

4 Technical

5 Administrative Procedures

6 Cost

7 Personality


However PMSTUDY question says that cost is the least source of conflict, does anyone support PMSTUDY for this?

 pmbok does not determine any order .

Though Pmbok specifies sources of conflicts includes 

shedule of resources (Schedule),

resources scarcity (Resources) 

shedule priorities (Priorities) and

personal work styles ( Personalities)

I believe, exam does not ask more than of above, specificzlly for placing them in any order.

   The exam will not ask for the specific prder, but I have seen questions with a faceoff between a extreme high priority source like schedule or resources, with personality. Rita gives the sources of conflict in the same order that you have given, but advises to memorize atleast the top 4. I guess the important fact to remember is that personality clashes is ranked the least.

I recall questions on the exam about the order of the conflict... I would love to get a firm answer on if it should be


PMStudy definition:

1) Schedule

2) Priorties

3) Manpower

4) Technical

5) Procedures

6) Personality

7) Costs


OR .....


Rita's definition:

1) Schedules

2) Project Priorties

3) Resources

4) Technical Opinion

5) Costs

6) Personality.


WHICH IS LAST?? This does come up on the exam. What if both Costs and Personality are the answer choices??

Does anybody has any supports for Cost or Personalities being the least

In this Context, Cost would have high chances of Confilct than Personality.

Because Cost is Project centric and Personality is Person centric.

Schedule, Project Prioritites, Resources, Technical opinions, Administrative procedures, Cost, all project attributes You can think of (Project Safety, Project Quality), & THAN the Big List which includes Personality, All other human emotional attributes etc.

PMI wants us to FIGHT for Project attributes not for our Individual Behavioural Differences which actually is Ironic. That's WHY Conflict is GOOD in PMI perspective, whereas in Real Life People go BALD because of Conflicts.

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