Which scenario does the calculation of SD with square-root and sqaure?

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I have did one question few month ago is calculate the SD from PERT estimate (P,M,O).

But we know the SD formula is (P-O)/6

So can anyone recommend some question example about SD with square-root calculation ?

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I have done a similar question but it was a while ago
I remember it was for finding the standard deviation for a series.When you have a list of activities and need to find the SD for the entire series,you cannot add the individual values.Instead you have to add all the individual variances and find its square root to give the SD of the series.

Variance = SD*SD

Anyone please confirm.Im not completely sure of the answer.

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Ya, you trigger my memorize, i remember i do this is about sum the SD from individual values, i try to Google find the question, but no lack.

I scheduled my exam on 19/Jun, actually i do

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