Which provider to select?


I am from California area (San Jose).

I am in the process of doing my PMP certification, and decided to go for a classroom course. I have selected two providers 



but not sure, whom to choose. Can any one help me to select?

Thanks in advance.

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both are reputed sources, you can base your decision on other factors like convinience , fees and anything else you may be looking at.

 Dear Admin,

Thank you for your suggestion. I have bought the PMstudy 2nd test and planning to do some self study. May be I will take some time to decide on the classroom program.

Your forum is awesome!

Hi Karlene,

In India Pmstudy cost is lower than PMTI. I would say choose Pmstudy because you will get their access to mock test that is very close to the actual PMP exam.

Wish you all the best.

Thanks & Regards,
Sanjay Rai, PMP

 Hi Sanjay,

Thank you very much for the suggestion. I am from San Jose, CA here the price is almost same. But currently I have bought 2nd Test from PMstudy and studying from PMBok.  infact I am also feeling that PMstudy will be a good option.

But planning to join classroom course soon.

Thanks again.