Which process is used to distribute information to stakeholders

I am confused as exactly which process is used to distribute the information (like performance reports) to stakeholders.

As per PMBok, the descriptions for 'Distribute information' and 'Report Performance' both says about distributing.

Here are the definitions of these processes from PMBok.

Distribute Information: Process of making relevant information available to project stakeholders.

Report Performance: Process of collecting and distributing performance information.

'Performance reports' which is output of Report performance process is input to the Distribute information process.  Both processes uses 'Communication Methods' as tools an techniques and talks about distributing the information.

Could some one please clarify.

Thanks a lot in advance.




Distribute Information must be the best answer, as this process carries over the activities of distributing information whatever it is including reports, documents, etc. As to whether or not the stakeholders should be furnished with a copy of the information - this is indicated in the communication plan (matrix).