Which PMP Exam Mock to use

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  I will be starting my PMP exam mock practice after 5 days as my exam is on 25 Dec 2012, can you advise which exam mocks to try, I will be buying that exam mock, I have seems peaple advising for PMforsure, Pmstudy, and Techfaq360, please advise


My Choice is PM Study! Attempt all the 4 tests from PM Study....



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Read the LLs here .Most of the advise is already available.


Out of personal experience, PMstudy mock test is quite good. It helps you a lot in preparing specifiacally for the exam. It will cover each knowledge area very well, so that you can be confident when you take up the real PMP exam.


How can I get  PMstudy mock test?

Agree with others but pmstudy is bit higher on the cost side and allow access for just 12 days for 3300/-..first try exploring free tests like simplilearn , oliver, headsfirst, rita fastrack and free tests of pmstudy,pmpforsure and Christpher Scordo tests #15-20 ..

Rita fastrack itself has a huge question bank and should be sufficient

If you still feel you need more practice and need to buy paid tests try anyone among pmpforsure , pmstudy or brainbok