Which online/classroom training course is recommended for PMP certification?


Looking at multiple options for online/classroom training courses providing required 35 PDUs for PMP certification, its slightly confusing the choose the right course.

1)Can you guys please suggest as which course is better? Your personal recommendations will be very useful in taking right decision.

2) Is classroom training (5 days crash course) preferred approach?

3) Are there any classroom trainings (preferabely evenings and weekends) available in Northern Virginia area?

4) Looking at the exam cost, it makes sense to become PMI member immediately before registering for exam. Any suggestions?

I would really appreciate all experienced members inputs to guide me.







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The answer to this question will depend upon what contraints you have and what are your requirements.

  1. Are you really looking into getting insights into PMP exam and want a exhaustive study course,
  2. Are you looking for a budget solution to meet the 35 contact hours required for PMP ?

Yes it would make sense to become PMI member in my opinion

My Basic priority is to get the PMP certification within next few months. While doing so if I am getting exhaustive knowledge this will be a great advantage.

So please let me know your answers for both the following aspects...

1) Exhaustive study course

2) Budget solution to meet 35 contact hours and basic knowledge to pass the certification in first attempt.

Can I do any of these as classroom trainings in northern virginia?

One more related questions... Some online courses (http://www.4pm.com/classes/104-pmi.htm) offers around 60 PDUs for their training. Can I keep the remaining PDUs (60-35 = 25 PDUs) for further continuing education purpose .. ie 3 year renewal purpose ??

Thanks for your guidance.


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For Budget solution , I recommend this course which you can do on your iPOD http://www.premiumcast.com/vp/19/11943/

Here you will have to give a test at the end to get 35 contact hours.

PDUs are what you get after you are PMP certified.

Contact hours are what you need to get for PMP exam eligibility.

For exhaustive study check the lessons learnt from various PMPs





You may consider any of these service provider who gives 35 PDU for the online training. You can compare the price.



I have taken classroom training for 35PDU's couple of years back. I could not prepare for the exam because of project requirement. Now I want to prepare for the PMP exam can I use those PDU's.

What would be the best option for me?


Yes, you can use it without any fear.

BUT…make sure those PDU were not shown to PMI before. There is NO expiry date for PDU. As per PMI, your PDU remains fresh as long as do you not show/consider those PDU for anything with PMI earlier.

Saket, PMP

You cannot bank PDU's prior to becoming PMP certified to use towards re-certification. Once certfied, you are now required to obtain 60 PDUs within the 3 year period to be eligible to recertify. Any excess PDUs obtained beyond the 35 required prior to taking/passing the exam, well, consider them as refresher training towards the passing the exam.

 Bob, PMP

This is not a paid site, but a free PMP guide site with extensive glossary and Rita's chart, and 250 questions.... very useful:






i am also trying to find a good sourse from where i can get the 35 pdu's and PMP certification training online..

i came across this link 


I find this website, WizIQ a great place to get the 35 pdu's n PMP certification training on a very competitive price...  

i enrolled in there FREE course which is about the introduction on PMP and changes in PMBoK 5th edition.


in the above course they will be conducting a Free Mock test on 9th of june....

Hi, in my opinion the most preferred approach will be the one who'll be comforable in. By this I mean, it completely depends on your learning pattern- if you find it more easy to understand concepts in an instructor led classroom environment, you can go for bootcamps and if you feel you are more comfortable in self-study, you can opt for online training.

For training, you can go for Simplilearn which offers both online and classroom training. You can check their website for free blogs, resources and articles available on their website which will give you a clear insight of their course content. In addition to this, you can take a free PMP practice test by just signing up on the website for free. Here's a link: http://www.simplilearn.com/project-management/pmp-certification-training

Yes, becoming a PMI member has benefits. I would suggest that you go through their site to know more about these benefits: http://www.pmi.org/Membership/Membership-Benefits-of-Membership.aspx

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

You can get PMP training in 3 different modes:
1. Self-learning online training
2. Instructor-led online training
3. Regular classroom training

The price and availability of the classroom courses varies with the region. The classroom courses are generally available only in big cities. More important is to check if the trainer is good or not.  If the trainer’s feedback is not good, it is better to go for an instructor-led online training.

I have done a comparison of popular online training courses - both self-learning courses and instructor-led courses. Out of these self-learning courses are cheapest.

If you are looking for a self-learning option, you should read comparison of popular self-learning online PMP training courses - Best Self-Learning PMP Online Training Course. It will help you in determining which is the best one for you.

You can get an self-learning course for as little as $50. For complete recommendation and prices, you should check the above article.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an instructor led option, then You can read comparison of popular instructor-led online PMP training courses

All the best.

You can download free PMP Exam Prep guide.  This guide gives complete information about PMP Exam, including:

    Eligibility Criteria for PMP Exam
    Pros & cons of different modes of training
    A good PMP exam preparation schedule
    Recommended study material for the exam prep


* You can do self-learning online training to get 35 contact hours. review and comparison of 6 popular online courses - Online PMP Training Course

* Or you can go go for an instructor-led online course. review and comparison of 6 popular instructor led courses - PMP Instructor Led Training

Good luck.

You can register with us at the link below


How is iZenBridge different : The trainer had explained the concepts using real world example using white board in all the videos like these (http://www.izenbridge.com/pmp/online-course/?action=lessons)

Additional Benefits:  iZenbridge have a very extensive support system and it happens via forum (forum.izenbridge.com ), mails and live interaction opportunity every alternate week.  You will also get full support in filling PMI PMP® Application Form.

According to my research both online and offline are equal. There is no difference between them as they hold the same type of process in providing the core content of PMP.

There is a institute which provides both online/offline for PMP Certification in Riyadh. It's name is AADSEducation, One of the Leading Training Providers for PMP Course in Riyadh. Ofcourse they do have their domain all over the world.

So I suggest you to have a quick look at the Institute.