Which one is closest to actual PMP test?

I have understood from many LLs that mock tests of

1. Christopher Scordo (13 to 18)

2. PMStudy

3. PMPForSure

are important and close to actual PMP test. 

Which one out of these is closest to actual test?

Any other tests did I miss apart from these three which are closer to actual?


I would suggest you to go with PMstudy mock tests. They are really one of the best mock tests I have come across so far. It is also worth it. You may try out others for your satisfaction but it is strongly recommended that you take the PMstudy mock test. It will help you to the fullest as it is closest to the PMP exam.


Thank you Chris for your suggestion.


Try out PMstudy mock tests. They are really very good. You will have a feel of the PMP exam with the help of PMstudy's mock tests. You will not only know how well is your preparation but also will be well prepared by taking these mock tests.