Which Mock Exam is closest to the real exam?

 Hi All,

I have my exam scheduled for 20-Dec. I have taken couple of exams from Christopher Scorlado and score around 82-85% (I feel these exams are a bit easy). However I scored arnd 75% in PMStudy1 and around the same in exams from PMFastrack (Rita Mulchay). I would like to know which of these mocks are closest to the type of questions that appear in the actual exam?

Any advise would immensely help.


Try Chris Scordo Mock tests # 15-20 ..their complexity is good as compared to the ones 1-14 which are relatively easy ..

PMPforSure paid series has a higher complexity than the actual PMP exam so if you able to score 70-75% in all their 10 tests then you are definitely going to pass the exam with flying colors

Coming back to your question i found paid tests of PMPForsure and PMStudy closer to the real exam

Situational questions of simplilearn are also next in sequence as far as resemblance is concerned

But the bottom line is PMPBOK is the bible and  if you are thorogh with it no one can stop you



 Thanks. I will look at purchasing PMPForSure. How about Rita Mulchay tests? I heard from some that the actual exam has the type of questions in RIta Mulchay book? 

Yes Rita's end of chapter questions are good and you can revisit them in last week before your exam  

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Read the LLs posted here, There is lot of good information about the quality of tests.

I would like to state that Rita Mulcahy's PMP Fasttrack questions are close to the actual PMP exam.

 Thanks for your input. Can you let me know how much I would need to be scoring (approx) in Rita Mulchays Fasttrack exams so that I can clear the main exam?