Which of the following is the last activity to perform while closing a project?


a creating lessons learned

b Releasing resources assigned to the project

c Verify scope

d Close procurement





b Releasing resources assigned to the project


You need resources to create lessons learned

ans is B)

Answer given in exam central is Close procurement. Even I'm confused with this.

 project resources are released, asper need during project span. and in closing span its frequency exists highest. but it is even not an activity of closing group as per pmbok. and practically releasing of project resources never be an last activity.

in above options  LL is last activity. if you have doubt that LL will be written by a group of resource of project. Of course but at the end this LL is written by a permanent staff which does not face a release action and it will be limited and it will be not of project but of organization.

Though the logic is good, I didnt find it anywhere that LL is written by a permanent staff.

Anyways this question has appeared on several mock test with different options, and some say Release resource is the last option and others Close procurement.

Different books give different reasons which should be the last activity but Alas it is nowhere defined in the PMBOK.

i found a very interesting discuss and explaination here



 I appriciate you that you are exploring contineous very good and untouched stuff of pmbok knowledge.

in present question 

i want to say few things.

  • In my earlier reply I have cleared that - PMBOK closing process group does not deal any thing with release resources. I also added a practical view.
    If I asked you a simple question.
    Will a team lastly close (finish)  the project or a project will lastly close (finish) the team?
    What is your answer?
    Think and come back to me if still you have any doubt.
  • Mr. Harvinder written that posting on 28/04/2010. After agust 2011, some review by RDS is published. In rita 7 also this step has been removed , while it was mentioned in rita 6.
  • I have several times answered various questions on this topic in this forum, just search out them. You will get lots of around it.

Hi Pawar,

Today I gave PMSTUDY free test and based on our discussion I quite agreed with yoru logic that the last activity to do is create lessons learned and luckily I found a similar question in PMSTUDY test. 

I marked Choice 3, which is related to Lessons learned and got the answer wrong , here is their justification.

Your project is complete and you are performing project closure activities. In this context, what should you do LAST?  

  Choice 1 Creating final product, service, or result transition

   Choice 2 Releasing project resources working on the project

   Choice 3 Updating organizational process assets

   Choice 4 Accepting deliverables

   Correct Choice : 2

 Justification : 

  Final product, service, or result transition, organizational process assets updates are outputs of the Close Project or Phase and accepted deliverables are its inputs. However, even Close Project will need resources (e.g. people, equipment, etc). Hence, releasing of project resources should happen at the very end of the Close Project or Phase.

PMBoK is 1st and last.

In present q option 3 will be the answer.

see in earlier question this option was not  there. you could not make  view that  what is answered in last q will be applicable to all. it will vary according to options given.

 If you have time please read my replies on closing of last 3 months on this forum.