Which books to refer for PMP exam?

Dear PMs and PMP aspirants,

I am planning for my PMP exam in mid of April 2015. I have submitted my application today. I will make payment in first week of feb 2015.

over the last few days, I have browsed few of lessons learnt in this forum.

I completed my CAPM  in 2012 (PMBOK4), using PMBOK4 and Headfirst PMP. after that i didt have chance to read PMBOK or any other books.

I will start studying in next 2 days. I have 3-4 hrs everyday. I have a hard copy of PMBOK5. Please let me know which of the books to be used as second reference.

1. RITA Mulachy (PMP PREP, simulator/ flash cards) or

2. Heldman or

3. Andy crowe

I am planning to complete my studies in end of february and spend more time on pratice test and revisit weak areas.

Please share your valuable guidance.


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Please read the LL shared here for more advice. Books wise you have enough material. Now you have to give mock tests and use the free notes available on PMZilla

Hi oorvashe

PMBOK5  , Rita are always good choices. You may also refer to Head first for topics like risk management.

I have listed study books and other study material along with mock test etc  at my blog. I hope you will find it useful for your exam preparations. All the best !




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I agree with "admin", you need a good book and TESTING.  Obviously, www.PMZilla.com and it's practice test are a choice for you.

There is no "magic book" that is somehow better than others.  All are good books.  The best book is the book you read cover to cover.

I would say you are missing a 4th book option (and I receive no money mentioning it):  Sohel Akhter's book.

Research Rita Mulcahy, Kim Heldman, Andy Crowe, and Sohel Akhter's book on Amazon.  If you look carefully at the bell curves for customer satisfaction, you'll find something very interesting about one of the books.

But I'll let you do that research to find the answer.

Once again, read PMBOK 5, read a good complementary book, and take various practice test.

Best Wishes on Passing the PMP,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA

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