Which is the best PMP exam simulator available?


Which is the best PMP exam simulator avaiilable to purchase that is close to PMP exam preparation?

Rita's fast track is quite costly. Is there a reasonable one?



You have to many exams, let see.

www. Examcentral.net ........free and very good level

PMstudy.......very close to the real exam , very good level. (1 free)

HeadFirst........little easy than the other ones, but good to train.

Oliver Lehtman 200.

First of all, read the Bible (PMbok) undertand each process and how interact each other.

Pag 43 of PMbok is a must to understand the process.

Put focus over QA, Risk and Procurement.

If you get above 70% in those ones, you are in good shape to take the exam.

Good Luck

Highly recommend Examcentral. Only one disvantage that you cannot do it offline.


I have written an article to do a detailed comparison of 6 popular PMP exam simulators. This comparison includes Rita's PM Fastrack also.

You can read this article to find out the best PMP exam simulator.

All the best.

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Testudaan is the best PMP Exam Simulator​ with intelligent result analysis, 3500+ pmp sample questions and 10 Simulated Tests. Aspirants can gause their readiness and improve thier preparation for final or real PMP Exam and now PMI release 6th Edition PM Bok with some new update about PMP Exam. These update about Some PMP chapter(a chapter added for project manager(for more Exam Simulator tips and updates​) and Time management is known as schedule mangement and Human Resource management become Resource Management. and PMP Exam fee can be increase. in Q1 of 2018.

I wrote my exam last week. Read my Blog and you will get answer to your questions as which is a good mock exam. I had posted the same question 3 weeks ago.