Where to take sample exam

I took the sample of Andy Crowe book end test and I also took PMStudy. I would like to take 2-3 sample tests. Anybody has any idea about HeadFirst book end questions. Also, since there are so many out there, it makes very hard to pick the right one. Any suggestions on the tests just about 2-3, that truly represents the difficulty level as in real exam.

 Appreciate your response in this regard.



Hi Sri,

I would suggest a very good site: www.pmpmodel.com

It has a FREE test as well lots of sample tests at a very reasonable price. The contents of the tests are also very close to the real exam.

Good Luck!


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Sri, Check out this link http://www.pmzilla.com/pmp-exams-and-resources-pmp

Only the popular ones are listed here.

check http://pmlearn.com the offer free simulation samples for pmp and capm ,

good luck 

Guys who appeared for the exam recently.

Is delegation important topic on the exam. I see that it is not covered in PMBOK or Rita. I am not sure if I need to prepare for this topic or not. How many questions may appear on the exam. Pl let me know.

Also pl share any URLs or any material you have on Delegation.

Thank you so much for your help.


Hi Sri -

I had zero questions regarding Delegation on the exam. My experience was exactly what nfunguy posted.

In the exam

1) If I want to go directly to a specific question, let's say Q#145, Will I have a choice to do that. If I want, Can I see a summary of how many questions I have skipped or how many questions I have marked for review, from where I can go to a question # of my choice.
2) How does the time display on the screen. Does it show 'time elapsed' or 'time remaining'.