Where is the problem? :(

I did read Rita book twice and took the first exam but not pass, I understands all concepts in the book, save equations, did perfect summary for the book, and solve all book's questions.  In the exam, when there was 10 minutes left, about 30 questions were needed to be answered. So managing time was bad in that practice. This was in last December.
I did a lot of revision which took about 3 months. I did read Rita about four times and PMBOK once. I saved all equations, understood deeply the majority of concepts, and did alot of practice on them. In addition, I downloaded fast track and did about 150 questions in each knowledge area and got score between 69% to 74%, and got 73% in the Fast track mock exam. Then, I checked all wrong questions and understand why they were wrong.  These practices improved my abilities in reading questions and analyzing all given choices to pick up the correct one. I was confident that I would pass exam.
At the simulation period in the exam, I wrote down all equations. In the exam, reading questions and analyzing choices quickly, so managing time was prefect as I exactly did all questions in the given time. I believe I did a good job and there were  about 160 questions correct and the rest have some doubt about them.
This was in the current May and got two moderate in both of initiation and closing.


​I did to much study, reading Rita twice and PMBOK, read my summary many times, downloaded apps in my smart phone to be in touch with the material, did alot of practice as the following:

​PM fast track got between 75% - 85% in all knowledge areas,

​PM fast track mock exam got 76.5%

​PM study mock exam got 72%

​as a result, I got proficient in both of initiation and closing, and the rest were below.

However, the preparation  for the 2nd and 3rd exams took too much time and effort. I think there is something wrong but I am not sure what is it although I feel I got very good understanding to all processes and concepts. I am not sure where my problem is. Is it in my study style, or in my resources, or in my luck..!

​I have a year to prepare myself for the coming exam, and if you have any advices or study plans for my case, help me with them would be appreciated.


Thank you



That is sad but don't worry. You will have better luck next time. It is important to find the root cause of failing. You exam prep & ultimate success depends on it.

At the outset, I think repeated study from the same material is not helping you. However, you should read this article - 15 Reasons Why People Failed the PMP Exam. This will help you in determining the root cause.

After reading the post, give yourself some time and and think about each point. If required, change your study approach or take another training or study different books.

Good luck.