When will my PMP certificate be mailed to me?

Could any one kindly tell me how soon before i recieved my PMP certifcate after clearing the actual exam. Also how soon would it reflect online on the PMI site? Any help will be much appreciated

PMP certificate will reach you in approx 4 weeks time.

-Rajesh Nair


Dear Rajesh,

I am preparing the Application, I have doubts regardin PMP application, Experience verification, Part - 3, description, Kindly guide me how to fill it. I am a Mechanical Engineer and having Project management experice. Can you please send me a sample description so that I can prepare based on my experience.




Hi Abbas,

PMI website provides very simple step-by-step navigation to enter your experience. As you know, one needs to have min 4500hrs of project mgmt experience for giving PMP. Assuming you have that much experience, all you need is to enter details of your projects. For each project you have to enter details like:

Project Name: <<name of your proj>>
Project Start date & end dates:
Project Role: <<example Project Manager/Leader>>
Primary Industry: <<example IT/Software>>
Job Title: <<mostly same as Project Role (as given above)>>
Org name: name of your organisation
Address: your org's address
Phone Number: ur org's phone number
Contact Name: <<name of your PM/PL for this project>>
Contact Relationship: <<it would be Manager/Director etc>>
Contact E-mail: <<your PM/PL's email>>
Contact Phone Number: <<your PM/PL's phone>>
Initiating Domain: <<specify project Initiating experience hours for this project>>
Planning Domain: <<specify project Planning experience hours for this project>>
Executing Domain: <<specify project Executing experience hours for this project>>
Controlling Domain: <<specify project Controlling experience hours for this project>>
Closing Domain: <<specify project Closing experience hours for this project>>
PROJECT DETAILS: <<breif description of what you did in the project...for example:>>
- As Project Manager did planning, scheduling & tracking of project.
- Did estimation and impact analysis
- Involved in quality assuarance activities

Similarly you have to provide your education details etc.

Hope this helps.

-Rajesh Nair

 Abbas , 

There are many sample application on internet , jus find in google u will get variety. 




I got an e-mail within 2 days. I checked the website and found my name there. I think this should be the case with you too.

Yes, that's right, name appears on the website within couple of days...but certificate will take approx 4 weeks to reach you.

 Thank You for your responses

Hi Rajesh,

Thanks for your valuable info for filling up the PMP exam application.

I have small doubt.I am having total six years for experiance  in netwrok field and I have done B.E (E n C)

.From past three years am working as operational specialist handling the different projects.

Designation wise Is that mandatory that we should be a project manager / team lead or

 it will be enough if we have 4500 hrs of management experience to take up the exam.It would be great if you clarify on


How do you feel about the PMP 5th  editiion whether there will lot of changes in the

5 th edition compare to 4th edition or it will be small changes.  I may take the exam in october 2011

@ that time i have to go for PMP 5th edition as last date for 4th edition is 31 august 2011. 

Thanks in advance!!!!!

you can  even mail me @:- nzm.uddin@gmail.com



Syed Nizam